Faced with environmental disaster, a great project was begun - to escape into space. After many years of work, the exodus has begun. Now you have come under surprise attack. Falling back on disused bases and out-dated equipment, can you delay the onslaught long enough for your people to escape?

Island Assault


  • Free open source software
  • Full 3D gameplay in various environments and weather conditions.
  • Control multiple units such as aircraft and turrets.
  • Upgrades which boost and repair your units.
  • Highly flexible scripting and objective system.
  • Create and modify game content with no need to code or compile.

3D action game in a browser

Exodus Defence is a 3D action game combining modern 3D graphics and effects with gameplay elements inspired by classic games such as missile command and desert strike.

Created in Java, the game is naturally multi-platform. With the applet version, Exodus Defence variants can be embedded and played directly inside a website.

Game code is free and open source. It is intended to demonstrate Java based 3D graphics using the jME engine. Note that while all source code and script files are open source, many resources (such as models and sounds) included in the playable demo are not. Copyright remains with their respective authors as detailed in the credits section.